Research Area

Empowering human life with computational intelligence

  • Secured Internet

    We implement machine learning algorithm on image and text processing for intelligent online content filtering system with main purpose of protecting youth and infants from pornographic content.

  • Eye Movements Analytic

    Eye movements pattern reveals user attention on a specific task. We implement data analytic in eye tracking as a preliminary research for intelligent applications.

  • Brain-Computer Interface

    We implement machine learning algorithms in EEG data. We aim to enhance human life by brain-computer interface applications to help impaired subjects achieving their goal.

  • Biomedical Signal and Image Processing

    We develop intelligent applications based on medical image processing techniques to detect breast cancer. Our applications have been used to provide secondary opinion for physicians.

  • Forecasting and Health Information

    Our data mining algorithms have been used in forecasting and health information system. The system has been used as disease forecasting tool to help veterinarian work.

  • Intelligent Transportation Systems

    We develop a computer vision based system to minimize traffic accident by analyzing driving behavior as well as distance-between-car in real time and responsive environment.